Straight forward problem solving mentality

Published on 2021-04-01.

In my last couple of articles I have been talking about the problems with object oriented programming theory and implementation, and I have been talking about the problems with frantic focusing on software testing. In this article I'm almost not going to say anything, I'll just recommend a really good talk for you :)

Abner Coimbre was only 23 years old when he worked at the Kennedy Space Center at NASA, when he made this video called What programming is never about (YouTube).

Despite his young age at the time, he very quickly realized what true software development is actually about: To acquire a straight forward problem solving mentality and not care too much about all the theory and best practices.

It is precisely because the problems I help solve are significant that I learned, right here at NASA, that the code and "how it looks" is not priority, but rather what you did with it.

Get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and relax for about 43 minutes while watching this great talk!