Sharp MZ-800

Sharp MZ-800

Computer: MZ-800
Brand: Sharp
CPU: Z80A 3.56499 MHz
Memory: 16Kb RAM, 16Kb ROM, 16Kb-32Kb video RAM
Production year: 1984

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Flappy was my first computer game on the Sharp MZ-800 and it is still today one of my favorite games :)

Flappy cover

Flappy is a puzzle game by dB-Soft that features a somewhat mole-like character who must complete each level by pushing a blue stone from its starting place to the blue tile destination. Flappy first appeared on the Sharp X1 home computer in 1983 but was soon followed by conversions to a number of popular Japanese computers in the early 1980s, including the Sharp MZ-800.

Flappy screenshot

A really good Java clone of the old 8bit Flappy game can be downloaded from sourceforge

And a complete playlist with gameplay of all 100 levels of Flappy on Sharp MZ-800 is played by Petr DiblĂ­k on YouTube. Unfortunatly there is no sound on the videos by Petr, but a level 1 gameplay with sound can be found played by Tompika74.